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API-Backend to validate and forward form data from client-side only webappications via email.

Forms on client-side only websites?

Are you designing a client-side only website, but want to provide forms for the users?

Formail makes this possible without the need to deploy a backend.

Don't want to care about a backend?

Formail is the backend for your forms. It receives, validates and forwards all requests into your desired inbox. Just send the form data with a HTTP POST request to one of your endpoints.

What about security?

Formail is built with security in mind:

  • Built with Laravel, which includes protection against common security risks
  • Only accessible via https
  • Configure Access-Control-Allow-Origin Headers
  • Only encrypted SMTP connections allowed
  • Protect your endpoints with monthly- and a per-client limits
  • Sensitive user data is stored encrypted
  • Create validation rules for the form data

Regain focus on designing websites

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